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"When I first reached out to Becky, I was very concerned about how to market my business without feeling uncomfortable, overly exposed or inauthentic. Becky has been extraordinary in helping me become comfortable with marketing. She just gets it! When I first started working with her, I was very hesitant to present my skills and services at any length, but she was instrumental in helping me finding my authentic voice in my marketing and feeling connected to the process. Becky is so knowledgeable about what works and what’s new in online marketing. She is definitely responsible for the tremendous growth that we have seen in our business and creating the mechanisms for generating new client referrals."
- Lisa Orbe-Austin
Dynamic Transitions, LLP
Join Introvert Marketing Lab, and Here's What You Get:
Exclusive Marketing Formulas
A New Formula Each Month
  • The Exclusive Marketing Formulas are video tutorials and PDF downloads on very specific online business strategies.
  •  Instead of wading through an entire course to find the few nuggets of knowledge, these formulas give you exactly what you need, without all the fluff.
  •  See below for a list of Exclusive Marketing Formulas in the Lab...
Private Facebook Group
Let's talk about it all...
  •  Real time advice for any questions you have on your online business and/or struggle you have with self-promotion.
  •  Q&A on the formulas and on anything else you want to discuss.
  •  You no longer need to be stuck in confusion or uncertainty.
Live Workshops
A New Workshop Each Month
The Exclusive Formulas are pretty neat, but if you want more depth on a related topic or live answers to your questions, these workshops are for you.

In addition to covering Q&A re the formulas, we will also occasionally hold a workshop where we do a live walk-through of a member's website to see how it could be improved. These sessions will be gold!

Watch Me Build An Introvert Business From Scratch
In the Lab, I'm going to be building a brand new business where I'm bringing together a variety of the best introvert tactics and techniques. These videos will give you the confidence that YOU can do this, too. None of this is candy-coated. It will be a lot of work. But I want you to see that part, too.
"Becky DeGrossa revolutionized the online therapy website building process."
- Howard Baumgarten, LPC
Excerpt from his book, "Private Practice Essentials: Business Tools for Mental Health Professionals"
Check out the Exclusive Formulas Already In the Lab:
    The Basics of Online Marketing & What Works for Introverts!

     Introverts can totally rock it when it comes to online marketing, if we choose the approaches that suit our personalities.

     Here are many models, and what works best for us.
    Choosing the Right Business Model for You

     Publisher Model: The types of businesses this is right for. 

     Niche Model: The types of businesses this is right for

     Expert Model: The types of businesses this fits.
    Researched Niche Selection

     For any model, choosing the right niche is paramount to your success. In this formula, I walk you through it in detail.
  • Content Planning
  •  Publisher/Niche Models: Review Pages and Information Pages.
  •  Expert Model: Revenue Pages and Information Pages.
    Building Your Website

     In this video, I'll walk you through how I build out my websites.

     I include hosting, plugins, etc.

    Revenue Content Creation

     Publisher/Niche Models: I'll show what we use to write Review Pages for affiliate commissions.
     Expert Model: I'll show you how we go about writing pages that sell your services, course, and/or coaching/consulting.

"I'm a successful entrepreneur, but I'm also an introvert. Becky really gets how some of us need to do things differently, and knows how to get us there, without sacrificing success!"
- CJ de Heer

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Billed monthly
  • Access to Exclusive Formulas
  • At least one Live Monthly Workshop (replays will be made available)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
If you cancel your service, you will not be billed again but there are no refunds.
Billed one time
  • Access to Exclusive Formulas
  • At least one Live Monthly Workshop (replays will be made available)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
If you cancel your service, you will not be billed again but there are no refunds.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does this program make sense if I'm new to online business?
Yes! In fact, if you're just getting started with building an online business, being able to have an experienced mentor point you in the right direction is invaluable. Had I had this 10 years ago, I would have saved in excess of $200k and 4 years of trial and error! 
Will this work if I'm selling physical products? Online courses? Doing coaching? Have a brick and mortar store?
Yes. In fact, the business models that we'll be sharing and demonstrating work for all of these business situations. The main idea is to make sure that you can reach an audience that is interested in what you're offering, and this is what these approaches do best.
Will I need to spend more money to implement what you teach?
That depends on what you've done so far. At a minimum, you will need a website and hosting. If you have already invested in other online marketing tools, you may already have what you need. I will tell you that I'm very cost-conscious and will teach you how to do this with the minimal investment possible.  
Who will this work for?
This will work for anyone who wants to grow a profitable business, online, and who is willing to work hard to get there. The methods being taught are tried and true, and sustainable, but you do need to implement them! While I cannot make any income claims, I've more than replaced my previous corporate income and have friends who are doing wild numbers on a monthly basis. You may want to replace your income, pay down your credit card, or just have enough money to help out a friend or family member when you want to.  All of that is possible, here.  
Who will this NOT work for?
This will not work for anyone who is not willing to learn and to work hard. This is not a "get rich quick" program (hint -- they don't exist!).  
Am I locked into a contract?
No, you are not. You can cancel any time you would like. If you pay for one year, for the discounted rate, you can cancel and you will not be billed again. If you pay for one month at at time, you need not pay another month if you aren't getting what you need. My intent is to provided a lot of value for an affordable price. There will be no refunds, however. If you want to cancel, simply let me know at and I'll cancel your membership immediately, so you won't be billed again. 

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